Newborn Sleep Schedule + Tips & Favorites | 2 Months Old

They say don't tell anyone your newborn is sleeping through the night, or you'll jinx it.  Guess we're about to find out if that's true!

So, spoiler alert:  Hudson is sleeping really long stretches at night, since about 6 weeks old.  At least 5 hours, if I wake him once to eat, otherwise he sleeps around 9 hours.  

Now this is where I'm going to throw out my disclaimer:  every baby is sooo different, and so is every parent.  But this is what has worked for us!

Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken | PALEO, Whole30

Today I'm coming to you with another restaurant copycat recipe-  well, my easy version!

We love Urban Plates.  Usually we're all about the grass fed steak salad, but there were a few times when I was pregnant that the steak just tasted *off* to me- pregnancy tastebuds, I guess?  Meat was sometimes tricky.

On those days I opted for this "Moroccan Chicken Braise" because it was warm, comforting, and still made with great ingredients.  Super hearty too.  

Freezer Guide: Products, Tips, & Recipes

A few months back, I shared on Instagram how I was prepping meals for when baby arrived- and I got lots of questions!

So today I'm hoping to answer those by sharing my favorite products for freezing food, some tips, and tons of recipes that freeze well along with all the instructions to cook, store, & reheat.

It's so nice to have meals prepped ahead of time to grab, thaw, & eat whenever- especially when time is an issue or the fridge isn't stocked.

Sandwich Salad | KETO, Whole30

The best part of a sandwich?  All the stuff inside!

Turkey, bacon, avocado, veggies, your favorite condiments.  The bread just holds it all together, am I right?

Lettuce wraps are a great option when you're trying to reduce your carb load or avoid gluten/grains, but they can be tricky to hold together and are difficult to prep ahead.

Enter the sandwich salad.  All your favorite sandwich fixings, piled on a bed of greens.  Top with your favorite condiments (a mustard vinaigrette would be great if you're a mustard person!), a little salt & pepper, and you are good. to. go.

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito Bake | PALEO, Whole30

Life has been busy lately, and we are still settling into a schedule.  One thing that has saved us more than once:  having a good breakfast prepped in advance!

I made this breakfast casserole before having Hudson in December, and froze it wrapped up in individual portions.  

And let me tell you~  it was so nice to have on hand to quickly heat in the microwave or oven when we were knee deep in caring for our newborn and forgot what day/time it was!