Saturday, April 9, 2016

How To: Leftovers Breakfast Frittata

This morning, I'm excited to share with you my simple recipe for a breakfast frittata that will put your leftovers to good use!

I hate to see food sit in the fridge and go to waste~ so this is the perfect way to be resourceful and get the most out of your ingredients.  It will also save you on cash & extra cooking time in the kitchen!

This dish comes together in less than 20 minutes, and is as pretty as it is tasty!

I've written this recipe the way I would make it:  Paleo-friendly & workable for a Whole30.  However, do feel free to change it up to fit your family's taste buds!  You can add cheese or use whole dairy milk instead of coconut milk.  Just treat this as a guide, and get creative!

Enjoy this for brunch with friends, Saturday morning breakfast with your kids, or as a "meal prep" dish to portion for the week!  The options are endless...

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3 Ingredient Ice Cream Bites

If you're in the market for a cool, creamy treat~ but you're not looking to add any dairy or sweeteners into your life... look no further!  My ice cream bites are the perfect snack-sized answer to any dessert craving, and they're actually good for you.  

Using just three simple ingredients, I blend up this creamy-smooth concoction in the food processor then freeze small scoops of it until they reach a thick, luscious texture that melts in your mouth.  

The flavors pictured are "Raspberry Cream" and "Banana Cream", and they are absolutely amazing!  The raspberry came out a bit more tart, while the banana tasted just like banana cream pie.  Drool-worthy!

Monday, March 21, 2016

White Chicken Chili Bake

I’ve had “white chicken chili” on my mind for some time now.  It just feels like the lighter, fresher version of the usually tomato-based chili I love to make.  

The perfect dish for Spring.  :)

Once I got going with the recipe, though, I was inspired to put a “Beef Enchilada Bake” twist on it.  So, I made the “white chili” base, and poured it over cauliflower rice, stirred in a few eggs, and baked it until it was thick, creamy, and perfect.

I’m so happy with how it turned out.  It’s bursting with authentic Mexican-inspired flavors, but the casserole element gives it an American comfort food vibe.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

10 Ways I Use Coconut Oil Every Day!

Since buying my first jar of coconut oil more than 5 years ago, I have found many, many ways to put it to good use.  

I picked up my first jar at Trader Joe's after seeing an old YouTube video about its benefits as a hair treatment.  It sounded like a trendy thing to do if you were trying to be super-healthy, so I hopped on that bandwagon.  

One overnight hair treatment & a headful of soft and shiny hair later... & I was hooked.

Pictured:  Cinnamon Roll Freezer FudgeThai Coconut Curry Chicken, & Coconut Lip Scrub

I have since found so many other ways to incorporate coconut oil into my life, and am never without a jar... or two!  It has changed my hair, my skin, AND my cooking.

Here are 10 of my favorite uses:

  1. As a butter replacement in baked goods.
  2. As a lip scrub (see my 2-Ingredient Coconut Lip Scrub.)
  3. As a massage oil (so much cheaper than the fancy ones.)
  4. As a coffee mix-in for "bulletproof coffee".
  5. As an all-over body lotion.
  6. As a facial moisturizer (the only thing I will use on my sensitive skin when it's irritated.)
  7. As a makeup remover (mascara, eyeliner, foundation-- it takes it all off!)
  8. As a cooking fat for pan-frying & stir-frys.
  9. As a hair mask (warmed in your hands, distributed from roots to ends, then left on overnight.)
  10. As a cuticle treatment for longer, healthier nails.

I can't imagine anyone out there who couldn't find a use for coconut oil in their life.  So, pick some up at your local grocery store or Whole Foods Market, or add a jar to your online cart!  

Currently, Thrive Market is giving away a free 15 oz jar of Nutiva Coconut Oil to anyone who signs up for a Thrive Market membership.  It's organic, unrefined, and non-GMO.  The perfect way to give coconut oil a try for free, while joining in on the savings & convenience that Thrive Market offers its members.

The giveaway promotion ends Thursday, March 24 at 11:59 PST~  so head over soon!  Click Here or on any of the Nutiva images in this post!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  & Don't forget to share your favorite coconut oil uses in the comments below!  Talk to you soon,
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Friday, March 18, 2016

Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

Excited to share a new recipe with you guys~  a side dish!  

I have really loved the new organization on my blog for sorting my recipes by category, and loved that you guys have given me great feedback on it too!  It makes older recipes SO much easier to find, and is much more user-friendly when navigating by category.  

The recipe index has also been a great visual for me to see where I'm lacking as far as categories go.  One area I noticed was side dishes... so I figured I would start sharing some of those go-to sides that we make all the time but I haven't thought to share.

This is one~ bundles of asparagus wrapped up in prosciutto... then crisped up in the oven.