Sesame Chicken Stir Fry | PALEO, Whole30

Stir fry is one of those things that I have made countless times over the years, but it always seemed too no-brainer to make it onto the blog.  Fast forward to now, and this almost unbelievable sesame stir fry sauce, and the game has changed.  The sauce takes this dish from simple, homemade stir fry to better-than-a-restaurant flavor that I cannot get enough of!

Banana Bread Blender Muffins with Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting | PALEO

Spring has sprung, you guys!  And unlike many, this is the time when you'll find me baking.  Not so much during the busy holidays, but spring!  I love baking with berries, bananas, vanilla- and all of those things just fit into this time of year so perfectly to me.  And a morning muffin with my coffee or an easy treat to bring to a party or shower?  Yes please!

I feel like everyone must have a banana bread recipe by now, maybe except for me.  I just never had a "go-to" that fit the bill perfectly.  Easy, tasty, just the right texture-  yet still Paleo and sweetener free.  It took some trial & error, but I've got it (AND it has collagen!) and I'm so excited to finally share it with you!

Cinnamon Apple Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls | PALEO, Whole30

One request I very often get is for a breakfast that doesn't have eggs.  I also get asked for more "sweet" morning options that are still Paleo friendly & Whole30 compliant.  It's not always as easy as bacon & eggs, but this one sure is!  I make the sweet potatoes in the instant pot because it's quick & they turn out so delicious, but you could cook them any way you like.  It's all about the toppings here- they're what bring this breakfast bowl together & keep me coming back for more!

Greetings, friends- from Maui!  Oh, and I'm now a Mrs.!  But guess what... still "Jessie B." as I went from Beltramo to Bittner.  One "B" last name (Italian) to another (German).  

We're honeymooning now, but between the fun & the relaxation, I had to check in with you guys here & share a recipe that's been on the docket for awhile now!  We have been eating out for every meal here, as you do on vacation, and I'm feeling pretty spoiled not having to cook!  

Sheet Pan Honey Dijon Salmon & Potatoes | PALEO

If you're sick of the wedding countdown, I apologize in advance.  But I get married in less than two days!!! 

So needless to say- I am busy, busy, busy and don't have a whole lot of time or patience for the kitchen by the time dinner comes around.  But times like these are also when I find myself coming up with some of my favorite new recipes.  Because they're always quick, and always easy.

Creamy Salsa Verde Cauliflower Rice | PALEO, Whole30

As most of you know by now, one of my most favorite ways to spend my free time is playing in the kitchen.  There's something relaxing about pouring all of my focus into something other than my daily worries and all of the other little "things" going on.  

I put on some good (to me) TV or some background music- maybe a YouTube video:  and then it's on.  I mix, I taste, I play.  And of all of the recipes I have given you here over the years, I hope I can give you the gift of that-  knowing that it's okay to let go, and to play!  

Recipes are great when you want to put it in autopilot and just get the food on the table without any variables.  But playing in the kitchen can be so freeing and so empowering!  Making up your own fun things- and watching other people actually enjoy them?!  So rewarding.