Italian Sausage & Peppers Breakfast Bake | PALEO, Whole30

One of my very favorite pre-Paleo and caring much about what I ate meals was hands down sausage & peppers.  I've got quite a bit of Italian blood running through me, so I blame that for my addiction to garlic & marinara sauce.

My back-then version of the dish of course included a toasty ciabatta roll drizzled with EVOO and stuffed with roasted garlic, and the whole thing was topped with some sort of cheese.  So... not Paleo.

But the great thing about turning your diet into a lifestyle is finding ways to pick out the flavors that really mattered in your old dishes, and updating them.  So although bread & cheese is pretty amazing- the flavor was all about that garlic, the spicy marinara sauce, the sweet Italian sausage, and those amazing peppers & onions.  

Whole30 Kombucha Mocktail

It's been almost five years of "just Jessie B." and I've learned a whole lot of things through this blogging adventure.  Things I never thought I'd learn:  like how to write html code for a responsive image gallery that takes you to my favorite product links (referring to my hair favorites here).  And how to make a drop-down recipe menu.  Honestly, things I never really wanted to learn- ha!

I'm no web designer, and these are not fancy things I've made.  But it's cool how the brain adapts & you just learn these things that you never thought you would.  Even if it takes you a million times longer than it should the first time around.  ;) 

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Bowls | Whole30

It's week two of the January Whole30 and I'm actually feeling pretty dang good.  However, it's also less than two months until our wedding.  What!?

Of course it was our choice to go for a 6-month engagement and "make it happen", but there's something about these last couple of months to go that have me feeling just a little frantic.  But at the end of each day, I remind myself:  the big stuff is taken care of, no matter what the show will go on & I'm sure everyone will enjoy themselves, our venue is so beautiful, and most important...  I walk away with my husband and the start of the real adventure!  So it's a no-lose situation.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes | Whole30

It's time, you guys:  my favorite way to bulk up any meal with some crispy, savory, oh-so-tasty carbs.  These are great for the husbands, wives, or kiddos in your Whole30 clan that are calling out for "more food" and just can't get full.  Maybe they're athletes, active people who just need more calories, or simply fans of potatoes who can't get enough!  Either way- this'll fit the bill.  

I'm pretty sure everyone out there loves potatoes (correct me if I'm wrong..)  And when they're pan-fried in ghee to crispy deliciousness & topped with plenty of salt and pepper, they are "simply irresistible" (who remembers that movie?!  Sarah Michelle Gellar... no?)

Easy Peel Instant Pot Eggs + a Whole30 Meal Prep Breakfast Bowl

One of the biggest questions I've been getting lately is how I use my Instant Pot, or what I make in it.  And my answer had been- I couldn't tell ya because I don't have one!  ...Until last week!  My sweet mama decided to send me an Instant Pot since she knew I had been getting so many questions.  And secretly, I think she just wanted me to come up with recipes so she could get one too.  ;)