My Safer Beauty Favorites | skin, hair, body, makeup, & more!

Sharing my favorite products that I use on a daily basis:  safer skincare, haircare, bath & body, makeup, & more!  I hope you enjoy this roundup of what has truly changed my skin, and taken me one step further towards a healthy life.

From total tomboy, to "learning how to be a girl", to absolute makeup hoarder, to coconut oil minimalist... it's been a long road that's led me to where I am now in my self-care routine!  

Beauty has become a passion for me over the years, but I felt lost when I suddenly realized what was lurking inside the pretty packaging of so many of the brands I loved.  

Shampoo, body wash, moisturizer, foundation, lip products... there are some scary ingredients out there with a serious lack of research and safety regulations when it comes to protecting our health & the health of our loved ones.

Finding Beautycounter has been such a relief, because as a brand- I trust them.  They take the guess work out of searching for safer products, and performance is never sacrificed.  

Berry Crumb Muffins | PALEO, Nut Free

Sharing a new recipe for easy scratch-made muffins that are Paleo friendly, nut-free, and oh so delicious.  I love the addition of ghee for a buttery flavor, but you could absolutely substitute coconut oil if that's what you prefer!  Pack 'em, snack on 'em, or munch on them with a coffee.  I hope you love them!

Shrimp Ceviche Guacamole | Whole30, Paleo

You know what clearly spells summer to me?  G-U-A-C!  

Of course it's amazing all year round, but nothing beats some cool, creamy, chunky guacamole in the heat of summer.

But when your guac gets hit with Baja shrimp ceviche & all of it's fresh, lime-y goodness!?  It is a match made in heaven you guys.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - My First Picks!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is HERE you guys, and although I may be 19 weeks pregnant and easing my way into maternity clothes- you can bet I’ll still be stocking up on some comfy basics (and shoes!)

My main excitement is to share some top picks with YOU ALL, because this sale is seriously the best!

For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a huge sale on all things BRAND NEW for fall.  No end of season clear-out stuff here, but all of the new items that are just hitting shelves for fall & winter!  You can get in on them now at a discount before they come back for fall- at full price!

You can shop through the links below, the scrolling images at the end, or this huge roundup page (my favorite):  HERE!

(I'll be updating the linked shop page as I find more great steals!)

Instant Pot Beef Chili | PALEO, Whole30

One of our favorite easy, go-to meals when we just have the basics in the fridge & pantry?  Chili.  It's seriously been a favorite of ours for years!

When I lived on my own in grad school, I loved huge-batch meals that I could prep once and eat all week long.  Now that I live with a hungry husband who eats a lot more than I do, "huge" meals don't stretch quite as far as they used to.

But with a dish like this, I can easily make it last for days by switching up how it's served!  Think chili dog bowls, or scooping your chili over a baked potato.