Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stovetop Citrus Carnitas (Paleo)

Spring is here!  & It's got me in the mood for fresh flavors & taco salads.  :D

Carnitas have been on my list of things to create for quite some time now.  I know that there's many recipes out there, but I'm always looking to put my own spin on things to make them simple, convenient, & extra flavorful!  

Part of that convenience, for me, was creating carnitas from pork tenderloin.  I know most recipes call for pork shoulder (or "pork butt")~ but tenderloin seems more readily available to me.  I love that I can buy a giant two-pack of pork tenderloin at Costco, or pick it up at whatever grocery store I'm near without having to look too hard.  It's lean, and super versatile if you know how to prepare it.  & I'm all about versatility and convenience when it comes to cooking!

Don't be afraid of the "lean" factor here... the carnitas are not too dry!  I use chicken broth for moisture and flavor (bone broth is even better for the extra nutrients), and fresh orange juice for a slightly sweet, citrusy taste that's not too bitter.  Lime juice comes in at the end to give it an extra burst of flavor that perfectly compliments the smoky cumin & sweet orange.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

What I Bought: Costco (Paleo)

It's been awhile since my last grocery 'haul', so I figured I would share what I bought today!  I made my way over to Costco to stock up on some meats & things that we don't mind buying in bulk.

A couple of the items aren't "Paleo perfect" (added sugars, alcohol, etc.) but I'm keepin' it real with you!  It's all about moderation, right?  Unless it's wine... there's no moderation with wine.   ;)

Here we go!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Chorizo & Kale Breakfast Scramble

As far as breakfast foods go, 'chorizo & eggs' has been a long-time favorite of mine.  I love its super savory, slightly spicy flavors, especially when mixed in with eggs and wrapped up in a burrito... breakfast heaven!  I must admit, though- I've always been slightly terrified of the ingredients in the generic chorizo sausage links you can buy at any old grocery store.  Therefore, I stayed away from chorizo for quite some time...

In comes a new brand I recently posted about in my Whole30 Grocery Haul (here), "Fra'mani".  Their meats are all minimally processed with exceptional ingredients that make me feel good about what I'm eating.  In that haul, we picked up the breakfast sausages-- which have become a huge favorite of ours.  Those sausages, along with their chorizo sausage, are Whole30 compliant & made with really simple ingredients.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Italian Sausage & Peppers (Paleo)

There's something about Italian food that gives me that 'comfort' feeling.  It's hearty, filling, and always hits the spot.  Of course, it also typically includes gluten, grains, or cheese of some sort that's going to make me feel guilty (not to mention lethargic & bloated) the next day.

In comes one of my favorite dishes I've been making forever:  "Sausage & Peppers".  It's an Italian-American classic that is obviously delicious on toasted bread with melted cheese on top, but is equally tasty eaten straight from the bowl.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Paleo Pizookie

After completing my second round of Whole30, and successfully avoiding sweets & treats of any kind for thirty days, it feels good to be back with a new Paleo dessert recipe!

This one started off as a new cookie recipe I wanted to test out during one of my "Sunday recipe testing" days.  I soon realized, however, that the cookie "dough" I had whipped up was just not firm enough to scoop into cookies that would hold a good shape.  So, I changed plans and decided to turn it into a giant cookie.  

My inspiration was the much loved "pizookie" from BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse.  If you haven't had one before, it's basically a giant, warm, deliciously gooey chocolate chip cookie baked in a pizza dish & made for sharing.  I thought this could be a Paleo answer to that famous dessert- and it worked out perfectly!