Creamy Cajun Chicken "Pasta" | Whole30

Some of my favorite Sundays are for dreaming up new recipes, binge-watching Pretty Little Liars educational shows on Netflix, and getting out of my pj's around noon to get in some sort of movement for the day.

Luckily, my TV is close is enough to my kitchen- and I was able to keep up with my show while turning this "Creamy Cajun Chicken" deliciousness into a reality!

So, here it is... the result of my inner fat kid always thinking and dreaming up something new and delicious to eat.  Without ruining my Whole30 or feeling yucky afterward.

Shrimp Egg Roll Bowls

I'm going to keep things simple today:  If you like egg rolls, but feel bad about yourself after eating a dozen of them, you're going to love this.

It's got all of the deliciousness found on the inside of an egg roll, but pan-fried in healthy fat & eaten straight out of the bowl.  Because, who needs soy sauce & egg roll wrappers in their life, anyway?


BBQ Bacon Meatloaf

Making my own meatloaf makes me feel like a real grown-up.  Like I'm supermom (to my pets), housewife of the year (to my boyfriend)... like whipping up a family dinner is no big thing.

I guess I just love how you cannot mess up meatloaf.  It always tastes delicious, always tastes like home, and always makes the perfect leftovers for lunches.  Top it with BBQ sauce & bacon, and it's seriously taken to a whole new level!

Just two extra ingredients dress up your meatloaf in a way that will have others thinking you spent double the amount of time on dinner than you actually did.  In reality, you're simply mixing up ingredients, forming them into a giant loaf, and topping with BBQ sauce & strips of bacon.
It all cooks at once, while you can clean up any dishes and act natural~ like this fabulous dinner was no big deal...  And the best part is that it really isn't a big deal-- it just looks & tastes that way!

If you want to get real fancy, make a couple of sides.  I'd go for something like my Paleo Drop Biscuits and Crispy Oven Green Bean Fries, which are equally tasty & simple to make.

DIY Essential Oil Surface Cleaners

Over the past year, we've taken our commitment to clean living to the next level-- by overhauling all of the toxic products we possibly can in our home.  Because, if we're going to put so much effort into putting all of the best foods inside of our bodies... then why cover the outside with toxic lotions & potions?  And how can we then be comfortable inhaling the suspicious chemical cocktails in cleaning products, laundry soaps, dryer sheets, and candles?

It's caused a huge shift in my thinking, and has definitely made me take a second look at all of the advertisement we are constantly being faced with:  pushing so many products that we not only don't need, but are actually harmful to us.

I've invested in some clean, all-natural household products that we can make use of in so many different ways, and can't believe the money it's saved us.  We're also left with fresher-smelling surfaces, much more cabinet space, and far fewer headaches.  In other words, we're never going back.

To start, I thought I would share my two favorite homemade cleaners.  Because between these two, I can clean everything: hardwood floors, granite counter tops, toilet bowls, windows...  Even our iPhones are germ- and streak-free.  And when the bottles get low, I simply refill!  No Target trip necessary.

Paleo Beef Tamale Pie

Instead of getting stuck in a rut of "boring" on the Whole30, I've been trying my best to use it as inspiration to get creative.

This is my 5th round, and let me tell you~ mixing up your food choices is key to making it through the whole month.  Don't let food boredom get the best of you, and leave you longing for pizza or sushi or chocolates or takeout... make something fun!

This is my play on a "Tamale Pie".  It has all of the flavors I love from the good ol' Costco tamales we used to buy in bulk & inhale, but the ingredients are awesome.

The crust has a sweet, "masa" or cornbread-like flavor made from simple, grain-free ingredients:  cauliflower & sweet potato.  The sweet potatoes give the whole dish a natural sweetness, and contrast perfectly with diced green chiles for a mild kick of heat, with riced cauliflower for a little texture.

Topped with savory ground beef, and a rich red sauce, this dish will seriously melt in your mouth... it's so flavorful!  It's also Whole30 approved... and I can't wait for you to try it!