How to Avoid Food Temptation

The holiday season is full of delicious feasts & treats just waiting to throw you off course when it comes to healthy heating. Of course, we should all allow ourselves a little splurge here & there~ it is the holidays after all. However, for me personally... I know that if I splurge all season long, I'm gong to pay the consequences. I see a major difference in my skin, mood, & energy levels (not to mention the fit of my clothes) if I let my eating habits get off track.

To help anyone out there who's worried about overindulging during this time of year, I came up with a little list of how to avoid & deal with sinful food temptations. Personally, I try not to let myself stress too much about food, because obsessing isn't healthy either~ so these are just some things I keep in mind. My little bag of tricks ;) 

Now, I'm sure none of these are new, but they work for me- and will hopefully help you out too! Here are 5 things to keep in mind, whether you're going out or craving at home.

Eat before you go. If you're going out & don't expect a ton of healthy options, fill up before you head out. That way, your belly will be full of the good-for-you stuff from home, and you will be less likely to overeat the bad stuff.

Pack a snack. I always have snacks on hand, but they're especially important around the holidays- when sinful food temptations are everywhere. Have something healthy in your car or purse, that way the plate of cookies in the lounge isn't your only option! ;)

Bring a dish. Offering to bring a dish is not only a kind gesture, but also a way to ensure that there will be a healthy choice for you at the event. Make something healthy, yet tasty~ you will impress your friends while making sure there will be something you can feel good about eating.

Fill up on the good stuff. Whether at home or at a Christmas feast, it's important to fill your belly with healthy options before heading for the dessert table. Go for the best options you can find (I stick to the meat & veggie dishes) and fill up~ making less room for the bad stuff.

Make healthy versions. This is great to keep in mind when you're having a craving at home. Instead of grabbing a package of pre-made cookie dough or whipping up an entire box of cake mix, consider your options. Go for the flavors you're craving, done in a healthy way. If it's cookies you're craving, try a clean recipe like my chocolate chip coconut flour cookies. If it's cake, go for a quick paleo mug cake. Trick your mind into thinking that you gave into that craving.

Remember, don't deny yourself completely, or you will end up thinking about it even more & consuming twice as much (if you're anything like me)! Treat yourself in moderation :) 

I hope these tips help you out during the holiday season, or any time you are faced with a little food temptation! Let me know what you think, & if you have any additional tricks up your sleeve... I would love to hear them :)

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