Cinnamon Toast Coffee Creamer

I've been on a bit of a breakfast-posting spree lately, which I planned on ending today... until I heard that it's National Coffee Day!  So I'm back with another morning treat, that can actually be enjoyed any time you're needing a little pick me up or craving something sweet!

My Vanilla Coconut Coffee Creamer has been a big hit here on my blog, probably because it contains minimal ingredients, is Paleo-friendly, & is embarrassingly easy to make.  In honor of National Coffee Day, I decided to create a new (and even more delicious) recipe- that still ticks all of those boxes.

Easy Pumpkin Pancakes (Paleo)

I know not everyone goes pumpkin crazy when fall hits.... but I do!  So I hope you don't mind one more pumpkin recipe  :)

This recipe is my pumpkin-fied version of my Three-Ingredient Paleo Pancakes, which are constantly in rotation for "breakfast for dinner" at our house.  If you're not a pumpkin fan, I highly recommend that recipe- which uses bananas!

Sausage & Sweet Potato Breakfast Scramble

I love breakfast scrambles with all different flavor combinations~ but this has got to be one of my favorites.  The combination of the super savory breakfast sausage, mixed with a bite of tender sweet potato has "warm, fall flavor" written all over it.

To me, this makes the perfect Sunday morning breakfast.  It fills up the house with amazing smells, and is hearty enough to keep everyone full until lunch.  I love how the sweet potato makes it seem more indulgent & filling, while providing you with clean, healthy energy to fuel your day.

Functional Fitness: Making it a Priority

I decided to do something a little different today, instead of my typical Paleo recipe post.    Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle goes beyond food (although that is a huge part of it), so today I'm talking about exercise.

Getting in workouts has always been a bit of a struggle for me.  In the past, I tried using the "I live an active lifestyle" line to compensate for the fact that I simply was not putting in the necessary effort to make workouts a priority.  I always felt like I just did not have the time, so I put it on the back burner.

Fortunately, the amount of passion I have for food & diet is mirrored by my boyfriend Dathan's passion for fitness & training.  He has inspired me to make exercise a habit- and helped me find a balance so that I don't feel overwhelmed.

Pumpkin Pie Bars with Creamy Vanilla Frosting (Paleo)

I know it's not "technically" fall yet.... but can we pretend?  I've already been burning my favorite fall candles, making dinners in the crockpot, and enjoying all those other festive things us simple folks do when the leaves change.  Like watching football & baking/eating pumpkin pie bars  :)

Similar to most, I love pumpkin everything.  This weekend I was craving pumpkin bread, but decided that I did not want the hassle of baking in a loaf pan, wondering if it would turn out, and praying that it held up for slicing.  Bars sounded much more convenient, and I couldn't help but think of the ease of slicing through a piece of pumpkin pie.  

So that was my inspiration-- pumpkin pie, but minus the extra steps caused by a crust, and sliced into single-serving size bars.  The frosting was just a (delicious) afterthought  ;)

Friday Five: Game-Day Recipes

In honor of football season's recent start, I have decided to focus my Friday Five post on recipes that are perfect for feeding a crowd of football fans (while keeping it Paleo).  & Don't worry~ with big flavors & hearty ingredients- no one will be thinking "health-food" while they're enjoying the game.

You might notice a trend of finger-foods & minimal hands-on cooking time.  That's because football is for enjoying~ not ignoring while you're making all of the food!  Enjoy the season, & Go Niners!  ;)

Simple Squares Giveaway!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been loving the "Simple Squares" snack bars.  They can be purchased online, but I (meaning my boyfriend) get them from Whole Foods.  There are actually Simple Squares on the Paleo display where I have my own little "just Jessie B." sign!  Here's the picture if you haven't seen it:

After posting a picture of my favorite "coffee" flavor Simple Square on Instagram, I reached out to the company to let them know how much I love their snacks.  They then offered to do a giveaway for my blog friends~ so that you guys can give them a try too!

The giveaway is for an assortment of their six flavors: Sage, Coconut, Ginger, Coffee, Rosemary, and Cinna-Clove.

Vegetable Noodles: Tips & How-to

Hi guys!

Life has been crazy with a new town, new job, and lots of new responsibilities.  But, I am finally here with a new video.  As promised, I am going to share with you how I make quick, easy, and inexpensive vegetable noodles.

In the video I show how to use the "Veggetti" vegetable spiralizer to make noodles from zucchini and sweet potato.  The Veggetti can be found on Amazon here:  Veggetti Spiralizer.  I have also seen them at Bed, Bath, & Beyond~ so check your local stores!

While zucchini and yellow squash are my favorite veggies to spiralize, there are tons of other options too!  Try carrots or cucumber as a raw noodle on salads or as a cold "pasta".  The options are endless, and you will be amazed at how veggie noodles can bulk up your meals!