Whole30 Kombucha Mocktail

It's been almost five years of "just Jessie B." and I've learned a whole lot of things through this blogging adventure.  Things I never thought I'd learn:  like how to write html code for a responsive image gallery that takes you to my favorite product links (referring to my hair favorites here).  And how to make a drop-down recipe menu.  Honestly, things I never really wanted to learn- ha!

I'm no web designer, and these are not fancy things I've made.  But it's cool how the brain adapts & you just learn these things that you never thought you would.  Even if it takes you a million times longer than it should the first time around.  ;) 

It's also funny how at the beginning of my blog, I always felt this weird anxiety about how I would certainly run out of recipe or post ideas.  Yet here I am, almost five years later, and all I wish was that I had more time to produce all of my recipe and post ideas.

Another thing I've learned is that people are unpredictable.  You can spend hours creating and testing and perfecting a recipe, and it might not be the "hit" that you thought it would be.  Then one night, you'll pour two drinks into one glass, and it's an Instagram sensation!  Haha-  maybe "sensation" is a big word, but really.  The latter is what's got me here today.

I took my favorite kombucha, and my favorite mineral water, and mixed 'em.  In a wine glass, because Whole30 and your girl misses wine.

Turns out it tastes pretty dang good.  And there's something about that wine glass that makes it really extra satisfying.  Especially while you're watching epic girl drama on The Bachelor.

So here I am with an officially official blog post to let you all in on the secret (well not really a secret because I've shared it a bunch on my Instagram).  This magical mix is my favorite flavor combo, but of course you can combine any kombucha you like with any mineral water you like.  Just be sure to check the ingredients if you're doing a Whole30.

Also, kombucha on the Whole30 is confusing.  Pretty please visit this Whole30 post here for the official word.  It's kind of a long read, so if you want the reader's digest version:  Kombucha is in for the Whole30, if there is NO sweetener listed on the ingredients list.

I've found that GT's is the easiest brand to find, and also has the most compliant flavors- so that's what I use.


  • 1/2 cup kombucha (I use "Trilogy" flavor from GT's)
  • 1/2 cup mineral water (I use "Passionfruit" flavor from La Croix)
  • optional:  sliced lime

  1. Pour the kombucha & mineral water into your favorite glass.  Add a slice of lime for extra fresh flavor, and enjoy!

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