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It's been awhile since I've done a recipe round-up post, so I thought this Friday would be the perfect time.  With the holidays in full swing, I've been excited about making the occasional Paleo dessert.  It's a fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth without triggering a food sensitivity or feeling too guilty. 

Now, all desserts in moderation of course (even Paleo ones)... but it is the holidays after all!

I also think the holidays are a great time to show up at a family gathering with something "Paleo-fied" to share with your friends & family.  It's a great opportunity for them to get a taste of Paleo without having to buy the ingredients or make anything themselves.  & It can show them that healthy eating doesn't have to be gross or scary!  :D

Let me know if you've tried any of these recipes, or if you have others to share.  Would love to see what Paleo desserts you guys have enjoyed.  Also, if you have a "request" for a dessert I should Paleo, leave it in the comments below or send me an email!  I'm always up for new ideas.

Happy Holidays everyone!

(**Click the dessert title to be taken to the full recipe!**)

This giant cookie pizza is made with super simple ingredients, and is completely flourless! 

These bars have risen to fame quickly on my blog, and for good reason!  Layers of rich chocolate, creamy coconut, and pecans give these a "7-Layer Bar" vibe with the taste of German Chocolate Cake.  

An oldie-but-goodie recipe!  I came up with this simple recipe that bakes in the oven with no time slaving over a custard on the stove.  They are creamy, tart, sweet, & dreamy!

My newest decadent dessert recipe to the blog.  These bars layer cookie, ooey gooey chocolate filling, and more cookie, and are filled with coconut & whole almonds for an "Almond Joy" flavor.  I could eat these every day!

I use two secret ingredients to give these brownies a fudgy texture with a rich chocolate flavor, then take it over the top with a chocolate ganache frosting.  To die for!

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