Functional Fitness: Making it a Priority

I decided to do something a little different today, instead of my typical Paleo recipe post.    Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle goes beyond food (although that is a huge part of it), so today I'm talking about exercise.

Getting in workouts has always been a bit of a struggle for me.  In the past, I tried using the "I live an active lifestyle" line to compensate for the fact that I simply was not putting in the necessary effort to make workouts a priority.  I always felt like I just did not have the time, so I put it on the back burner.

Fortunately, the amount of passion I have for food & diet is mirrored by my boyfriend Dathan's passion for fitness & training.  He has inspired me to make exercise a habit- and helped me find a balance so that I don't feel overwhelmed.

Previously, I would try and tell myself to get in as many workouts in a week as I could- without planning out when they would happen.  Day by day, things would come up:  I overslept, got home late, was too tired, brought home unexpected work or homework, my dog needed someone to hang out with, it was cloudy out, I needed to empty the dishwasher-- you get the idea.

Now, I have decided that rather than aiming for daily workouts & "seeing what happens/when I can fit it in", I have a basic schedule that works for me.  This might not be the answer for everyone, but for my schedule:  it works.

I prefer to work out during the late morning or early afternoon when I can fully wake up, eat breakfast, and let my food digest prior to exercising.  That is what I do on the weekends- but is obviously not an option on the weekdays when I need to be out of the house before 8 a.m.

our "home gym" in the garage!
My goal is to hit 4 solid workouts throughout the week.  I know I can do Saturdays & Sundays, because I'm typically at home and with Dathan- who will motivate me.  For the other two days per week, I commit to mornings before work.  This means going to bed and waking up a little early- but the way it makes me feel is totally worth it.  I sort of feel like SuperWoman knowing that I got up & kicked butt before most people were hitting the snooze button or having a sip of coffee.  :)  I also find it much more manageable knowing that I only have two days during the work week to worry about it.  I can do "early" two days.... not five, but I can definitely do two.

Basically, do what works for your schedule.  Pick a number of workouts you would like to complete throughout your week, and make it happen.  Think about which days you're off earlier, have fewer obligations, can go to bed early the night before, or have a little extra time.  If you have to be a "weekend warrior" as Dathan refers to it- and only exercise two days per week- then be it!  It's better than nothing.  Just commit to it, stick to it, and build up from there as you can.

As far as what type of workouts I do, let me know if you guys would like some posts on that.  Dathan creates all of my workouts for me (I'm very lucky!) & I would be happy to share them with you if you're looking for some inspiration.  All of the workouts I do are "CrossFit style" & tailored to my fitness level and goals (which are to get stronger & build my endurance).

If you guys are on board, I would like to make "Functional Fitness" a series here on my blog.  I use the word "functional" to describe the types of workouts I love- those that are composed of movements that will give you the strength and ability to perform in your everyday life.  However, "functional" can also relate to some of the tips & tidbits I have planned to share with you all, that make fitness a little more practical.  Let me know what you think!

My goal in life is to be a happy, healthy, and overall balanced person.  Exercise is just another piece of the puzzle to add to a clean Paleo diet for ultimate health & wellness- and I don't think it should be skipped!  Make it a priority, and you will feel so proud of yourself!  I promise the extra effort is worth it  :)
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