Friday Five: Game-Day Recipes

In honor of football season's recent start, I have decided to focus my Friday Five post on recipes that are perfect for feeding a crowd of football fans (while keeping it Paleo).  & Don't worry~ with big flavors & hearty ingredients- no one will be thinking "health-food" while they're enjoying the game.

You might notice a trend of finger-foods & minimal hands-on cooking time.  That's because football is for enjoying~ not ignoring while you're making all of the food!  Enjoy the season, & Go Niners!  ;)

Here's the breakdown...  Just click the title to go to the recipe!

Perfect bite-sized finger foods that you can prep ahead of time, then pop in the oven in time for the game.  & They taste like a pizza- not kidding.
Every gathering needs guacamole.  If you're unsure of what to dip into it while keeping it Paleo, try bell pepper wedges, cucumber slices, or plantain chips.  Tortilla chips are great if you're just looking for gluten-free.
These are super savory, easy to make, and perfect for dipping.  Make sure they're pre-spiked with toothpicks for easy eating while game-watching!
This is my favorite meal to serve a crowd.  It's slightly spicy, with a hint of sweetness, and hits the spot every time.  Make a giant batch to simmer in the crockpot until you're all ready to eat.

My cookie dough bites are always a hit~ for kids & adults alike.  You would never guess they are free of eggs, gluten, and grains.  The perfect bite to finish off your meal~ without the use of plates (aka extra dishes).

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Alli said...

The paleo pizza bites and mini meatballs would be a hit among busy people who want a healthy snack.