Friday Five: Budget-Friendly Paleo Dinners

Hi Guys!

Lots of changes here on my end recently... the biggest is that I moved!  I had been living on my own in the Central Valley of California while I attended college & finished grad school, but have now relocated to a town in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My boyfriend & I moved in together, and I have a "big girl job" all lined up to start in August.  Lots of big changes, so I'm very grateful to have some down time to get situated.

Part of moving means tightening up that budget & keeping tabs on all of our expenses.  In light of my move, and the fact that I know I'm not the only one budgeting, I decided to put together a Friday Five post with some dinner ideas to inspire your grocery lists- without breaking the bank.

Call me crazy, but I actually think that being on a tighter grocery budget can be fun... It forces you to get creative!  I hope some of these recipes give you an idea of what to make for dinners this week  :)

Just a tip: Try sitting down & planning out your meals at the beginning of the week- or whenever you grocery shop.  Make sure you're buying enough to make all of the meals you will need, and plan for leftovers to have for lunch!

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Of all the recipes on my blog, I think I make this one the most.  It's requires such little effort- simply chop veggies, open cans, & sauté beef.  The rest of the work is done for you in the slow cooker.  It has the perfect balance of spicy & sweet, and makes a TON of chili.  Great for lunch leftovers- which makes it extra budget-friendly.

Ground turkey is inexpensive and easy to find.  Toss in a few chopped veggies (that you probably already have on hand) and you've got delicious stuffed burgers that you can pair with any vegetable you like.  My favorite sides for this are broccoli & a sweet potato!

This meal is done completely in the crockpot-- which makes it SO simple.  All you need is chicken & a jar of your favorite salsa, and you've got moist, delicious chicken that's packed with flavor.  You can then toss together a taco salad or wrap up some chicken taco lettuce wraps (recipe here). 

Everyone loves a little breakfast for dinner, right?!  These pancakes are thick & fluffy, which makes them easy to flip & quick to whip up.  All you need are eggs, almond meal, & banana-- three things that are budget-effective, as they can be used in so many different recipes.  Top with a little maple syrup & you've got a tasty meal.

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my favorite go-to meals.  The base of my tomato basil meat sauce is a jarred sauce of your choice- just look for one with the cleanest ingredients.  It's quick & easy to prepare, and is easy to stretch into several meals.  Once again, the perfect leftover- which makes it easy on the wallet ;)

I hope you guys try some of these out!  Let me know if you have any go-to meals that are easy to fit in the budget;  I'm always looking for new ideas!
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derek said...

All such wonderful ideas! I'm gonna steal these and use them during the week haha ^___^

Jessie B said...

Awesome! Thank you!!! :)

Julie B said...

Love the stuffed turkey burgers - I could eat them every night!!

Jessie B said...

I like 'em best when you make them Mom, & I don't have to cook!!! :D is that wrong for a "food blogger" to say?! haha