My Paleo Pyramid

With every new "diet" or eating style, it seems there's a giant list of what not to do. You're told exactly what you should not be eating, & then you're wondering "What's left?" My favorite thing about the Paleo eating style is the giant list of amazing foods that you should eat. Once you get a feel for what those foods are, & in what quantity you should be eating them, putting together meals becomes so amazingly simple. And when you get comfortable with the lifestyle is when you can get creative. Cooking (and eating) should be fun! 

So here's my little guide of what foods to focus on, and in what quantities. I hope you find this helpful; and once you get to know it, come back for recipe ideas using these simple, flavorful, & nutrient-dense foods.

High-quality lean meats should make up the largest part of your diet, and should be present in each meal.
Grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish & seafood, free-range poultry & eggs.

Your next focus should be on consuming a variety of organic vegetables. Try to eat the rainbow, and go for dark, leafy greens as much as possible.
Kale, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, & cabbage.

Keep your fruit intake towards the beginning of your day, and adjust the quantity to fit your activity level. Berries are a great nutrient-dense option.
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, melon, & citrus fruits.

Nuts & Oils
These are a great source of healthy fats that your body needs, however, they should make up the smallest part of your diet.
Almonds, cashews, walnuts, & macadamia nuts. Coconut oil, olive oil, & avocado oil.

Overall, lean meats and vegetables should be your primary focus at each meal. Fruits and nuts are important too, but are best incorporated as snacks or side dishes to supplement your diet. Healthy oils are great used as a cooking fat or dressing. 

Always go for the freshest, most nutrient-dense food options you can find, and enjoy the benefits of clean, healthy eating!

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