Tucker's Top Picks

For those of you who don't know, I have a confession.....
I am a mom.
........to a 5-year-old Beagle, named Tucker :)

Tucker is my best friend, my partner in crime, my travel buddy, & a total pest. He also gives the best cuddles in the morning & has the cutest howl I've heard. I love him, & he is very spoiled.

Here are a few of his favorite things. Maybe the special dogs in your life will like 'em too! :)

Dentastix: Tucker does not allow teeth-brushing. He will snatch the brush & sprint away with it before I can brush a single tooth. However, Tucker still has a very nice smile (especially for his age!). I attribute his pearly-whites to these babies. They do their job, & he loves them. I buy the "large dog" size, because apparently Tucker the 25-pound Beagle thinks that he is a large dog. He likes these ones, & my parents' dogs (who really are large) love 'em too.

Boots & Barkley Crate Bed: I couldn't find the exact ones I buy for Tucker on the Target website, but I always see them in store. They cost around $15 and come in a taupe color. The one linked is a similar style & would be great too, but keep your eye out for them if you're at the store. I always have more than one, that way I have a backup when the other is in the wash. They're great for warmer months (not too plush) & fit perfectly into a crate.

Boots & Barkley Natural Rawhide Bones: Tucker prefers the braided ones (he likes to take them apart), but any natural rawhide bone will do. These are a good price and great to have on hand when your dog is bored (and/or feeling destructive).

Sweet Potatoes: I enjoy sweet potatoes often myself, and Tucker gets some mixed in with his dinner when I do. They taste great & are great for you (and your dog!). He likes canned pumpkin too! :)

Stuffing Free Raccoon Toy: This is Tucker's "baby". He takes it out of the toy basket pretty much every night that we're at home. He likes to toss it in the air, shake it around, and most of all: guard it from the cats. I like these ones that come stuffing-free, that way there's no mess when they inevitably get a little torn up. No one needs cotton-covered floors.

Retractable Pet Leash: Tucker loves to go for walks, and I love his leash. That means that Tucker loves his leash, right? So maybe this one's a "mommy" favorite, but seriously... The whole 'retractable' aspect is really nice. It allows me to give Tucker some independence to sniff around with the control to pull him back when necessary. Any brand should do, just go for one that is suitable for your dog's size.

Green Tea K-Cups: Okay, I'm mostly kidding; but Tucker really does love k-cups. I store mine in a low cupboard in my kitchen, which is very convenient for him. While I pack my lunch in the evenings, he opens the cupboard, chooses a k-cup, and takes it away as quickly as possible before I can catch him. I would be so bored without Tucker; he's always keeping me on my toes. ;)

P.S.~ I gave links for those items that I could find online. Just click the item name! :)

Also, just thought I'd share... My mom & I picked up this little stray last Sunday. He was in a rural area chasing any car that would slow down for him, so we assumed he had been dumped there by a not-so-nice owner.

post signatureWe picked him up, gave him a little love, & took him to the local police station. They have a holding kennel for stray dogs where they're kept for a few days (in hopes of finding their owner) before being transferred to a local no-kill shelter. Something to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in a similar situation where the local animal shelters/rescue centers are closed!


Julie B said...

I Love that crazy Tucker dog!!

Julie B said...

And, yes, YOU gave that little guy a LOT of Love! I know he will find his forever happy home soon - he was sweet!