My Top 5 Basic Hair Care Products

I love having long, healthy hair- but that means I have to take extra good care of it! I have tried many, many hair products over the years, from all different price points, and these are a few of my absolute must-haves. I also have favorite special products like masks & treatments, as well as products that I use to achieve certain styles (curls, waves, ponytails, etc.). Let me know if you want to see more specific favorites, but for now- here are some of my everyday basic products that I never go without!

1. Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner: These are two different products, but I am combining them as one since they go together! I love the island coconut smell of these products. I also love how soft they make my hair. They are both formulated free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum, and mineral oil. My hair feels really strong & hydrated after using these. I also use a penny-sized amount of the conditioner on damp hair as a "leave-in" treatment.

2. Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray: I bought this on a whim over a year ago & have not looked back since. It's an oil-based heat protectant spray for damp hair that decreases blow-dry time, protects from heat damage & breakage, and softens the hair. I can tell a huge difference when I don't use this, so I never go without! It's great for summer time when you don't want to be under a hairdryer for too long; but I love it all year round. :)

3. CHI 44 Iron Guard: I have been using the same bottle of this so long, so it definitely goes a long way. I spray this on dry hair before curling or straightening. It has a nice light scent & doesn't weigh down my hair at all. I have another go-to heat protectant product I use when curling, but I would choose this if I could only have one!

4. Kenra Volume Spray 25: The best hairspray ever! I have a few others that I love, but I could never go without this one. It's a strong hold hairspray that will hold my style all day, but isn't too crunchy. It keeps my hair tangle-free & is easy to brush out at the end of the day, despite the awesome hold. The scent is amazing too, & it's won countless awards over the years... So it must be good! :)

5. Biosilk Silk Therapy: This is another product where a little bit goes a very VERY long way; I have had the same bottle for years. As the very last step in my hair routine, I apply a very small amount to my fingers (somewhere between a pea & a dime- depends on how much hair you have!) & run it through the ends of my hair & over any fly-aways. It seals and nourishes the ends of my hair, & keeps it looking soft & shiny all day long. I also apply this between washes to keep my ends hydrated. I feel like my hair is more frizzy & dry when I don't use this.

That's it! Let me know if you use any of these, or what your everyday basic favorites are. :)
& If you do try any of these products I've recommended, let me know what you think of them!

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nisha singla said...

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Rahul Kataria said...

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Anonymous said...

Does the blow dry spray help with frizz? I have tried a few different products that are suppose to help with frizz when blow drying your hair but it's still frizzy =/

Jessie B said...

I think it really does! I can tell that my hair feels frizzier and "fluffier" if I don't use the blow dry spray. It almost creates a light coating over your hair~ really helps to smooth it out! :)

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