What I Bought: Trader Joe's

I'm planning to start a series here on my blog: showing you "what I bought". I'd like to keep it open to all sorts of places (Target, Whole Foods, Costco, etc.), so that I can share all of my different finds. Let me know what you guys think, & if there is anywhere in particular you would like me to post about! 

Shopping is a very personal thing, especially when it comes to food choices; so don’t feel obligated to buy all (or any!) of these items—this is just me sharing & hoping to put out some ideas on what to buy/try at different places. :) So, here we go!

When I go out or travel for the weekend, I’m more likely to indulge when it comes to my diet. Therefore, it's important to me to eat clean throughout the week & stick to healthy meals and snacks while I’m at home (and school & work!). I like doing my grocery shopping at the beginning of the week. I stock up on fresh food items that will last me awhile & are easy to prepare, even if I'm busy.

Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to grocery shop. There's one conveniently located down the street from my college campus. I also like that it’s small, offers fair prices, and doesn’t have too large of a selection (which can be overwhelming). 
Here’s what I picked up from my recent trip to Trader Joe’s:

Organic Beef Jerky (Original): This is great as a quick, high protein snack. I usually get about 3 servings out of each small bag. This jerky contains no preservatives, nitrites, or added MSG, and is gluten free.

Fully Cooked Uncured Bacon:  Fully cooked means only 30 seconds from hot, crispy bacon—great for busy mornings. I also chop it up to add to veggies or other recipes. 

Organic Free Range Eggs:  I always have eggs on hand, since I eat them pretty much every morning. I buy extra if I’m planning to make some Italian Style Omelet Muffins!

Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage:  A great all natural protein option for the morning. These have a sweet & savory flavor, and are a breakfast staple for me. They are also fully cooked, which means I can quickly brown one up on the stove or heat it in the microwave.

Organic Free Range Chicken Thighs:  I like chicken breasts too—but the thighs have more flavor & cook very quickly. I love them for kabobs, coconut curry, and stir-fry. I usually separate them into small bags & store some in the freezer.

Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef:  I use it for meat sauce (click here for my recipe!) and burgers (without the bun!). I always look for organic & grass fed when choosing beef. 

Baby Spinach: I throw it in everything... scrambled with eggs and in salads, soups, sauces, & smoothies. I often can't taste it, but with all of the nutrients it contains, why not?!

Kale: Love it sautéed with olive oil & garlic as a side, and raw in salads & smoothies!

Shredded Carrots: Perfect in salads, & I plan on trying out some Paleo-friendly baked goods with these as well.

Bell Peppers: I dice them up for stir-fry & meat sauce, and love them in salads too.

Fresh Basil: I always have this on hand. It adds so much flavor to a dish, and is great in salads or tossed with cherry tomatoes. (I know- lots of salad talk! But there are endless possibilities when it comes to salad.) 

Celery Hearts: I slice these up as soon as I'm home from the grocery store. They're great as a crunchy snack & easy to throw into soups & other dishes for extra flavor. 

French Green Beans: These are frozen, and nice to have on hand when I need a quick side. I often use them for Crispy Oven Green Bean "Fries"!

Broccoli Slaw: I love it mixed with a few other ingredients as a side dish or snack (recipe?) and added to salads for some crunch.

Sweet Potatoes: Great as a small meal or a side dish with dinner. They are also packed with vitamins & nutrients, and taste amazing. I have a few recipes up my sleeve for these guys too!

Broccoli & Cauliflower: I mix these with other veggies & take in a bag for a snack, and also steam for a quick side with dinner. 

Fruits & Random Items
Balsamic Glaze: I got this to use this on caprese style salads, & drizzled on chicken.

Villa Italia Blood Orange Soda: A tasty treat to keep in the fridge. I like mixing it with water & apple cider vinegar as a stomach-soothing drink.

Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce: This sauce has great flavor, and doesn’t taste like a cheap jar sauce (even if it is!). It’s the base of my favorite easy meat sauce recipe that I adopted from my boyfriend’s mom (and hope to share soon!).

Bananas: I buy mine perfectly ripe, then slice them when I get home & store in the freezer. They’re great to blend in smoothies, or heat up with oatmeal for a treat.

Pink Lady Apples: These ones are my favorite for snacking (with cinnamon almond butter) & also for baking. They’re tart but still sweet. I have a couple of fun recipes coming up for these that I plan on sharing!

I know this post is a little lengthy, but I thought it would be helpful to give you a little more info as to why I purchase certain items, rather than just showing you what I got. These are some of the basic ingredients I always pick up at TJ’s, and what I use to build my snacks & meals throughout the week. Let me know if you see anything that you would like ideas or a recipe for! 

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P.S.~ Please let me know if you like this type of post & if you've found it at all helpful! I would love your feedback! :)

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Thank you! It was helpful. I just started Whole30 and this gives me some ideas.