VLOG: 4th of July Road Trip with Baby + Beach House Tour

We spent our weekend celebrating a few firsts:  Hudson's first 4th of July, our first long road trip / overnight trip with baby, and our first time staying at my parents' new (well, new to us) house!

My parents have owned a beach house in Cambria for many years now, and we have had so many special trips down there.  Dathan & I first visited together when we were just about 4 months into dating, and it was the first time we said "I love you".

Fast forward 6 years, a wedding, and a baby later - and onto my parents' third home there.  This one feels like "the one" (although the others were beautiful too) and its largely due to the location, with the ocean as its backyard!  So beautiful.

I decided to take you guys along for the trip with us to give a deeper sneak peek into our days than my Instagram stories allow.  How/what we packed, our favorites for travel, and a tour of the newly remodeled home!

I think we did pretty dang good with the packing/traveling situation, with our hands full.

Babies don't travel light, but we did our best to pack the essentials for Hudson + enough to keep him comfortable and entertained.  We also had Tucker in tow (who LOVED the ocean backyard by the way) so it's safe to say we had a packed car!

I'm super excited to get into sharing more on YouTube, where my videos can have a more permanent home than their 24 hour stay on my Instagram stories.  I would love for you to go follow me there, by subscribing to my YouTube channel!  You can find it HERE or search "just Jessie B" on YouTube and I should come right up.

If you think of any videos you'd like to see from me, leave a comment!  I'd love your feedback and requests!


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