Collagen FAQ + Bulletproof Coconut Iced Coffee

Supplements are pretty straight forward, but when it comes to collagen- I get TONS of questions!  Maybe because it's a newer product to the market, and it's gotten so popular so fast.  

Collagen seems to be popping up everywhere!  From protein powders to coffee creamers to water flavor packets- collagen is officially "a thing"!

I love it for many reasons, and thought I would break down those reasons today while answering the top questions I get about collagen.  I'll also be sharing a favorite way to get my collagen in during the summertime, with a bulletproof iced coffee recipe!

What is collagen?

Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues (hair, nails, bones, and joints).  Our bodies don't synthesize enough on their own, and it's not found in typical diets in large enough quantities to truly benefit us.  That's why I supplement with it!

It contains tons of protein that's super rich in amino acids.  The collagen I use is from Vital Proteins, and it is sourced from the hides of grass fed cows.  I love that it's virtually tasteless, and dissolves in hot OR cold liquids!

Why do you take it?
One of the number one non-food-related questions I am asked on a daily basis is about my hair.  I've always had long hair, but never as long as it is now.  And it's never been as healthy- ever!

I struggled with breakage once my hair hit a certain length, and I figured all of the split ends were just bound to happen since I use hot tools on my hair almost daily.  Since adding collagen into my diet 2+ years ago, my hair has grown longer and stronger than ever before.

I only get it trimmed once or twice a year, and the split ends & breakage are no longer a thing!  My family laughs because I could honestly floss my teeth with my hair... not that I would though... ;)

Collagen has helped so much with healing my skin from acne.  I'm a huge believer in tackling any body issues from the inside out.  Between safer skincare products free of harsh, toxic chemicals, and adding this skin-supportive supplement into my daily routine, I have seen a HUGE improvement in my once ultra acne-prone skin- and a glow like never before!  Although makeup certainly adds to that glow, and maybe pregnancy too!

I have always had a "sensitive tummy" and used to think that tricky digestion and tummy aches were a normal thing.  Not the case.  Dietary changes have been KEY for me, and collagen has played a large role in healing my gut.

The structural profile and all of those awesome-for-you amino acids found in collagen are power players for the gut.  They help regulate stomach acid secretion, and also help reduce gut inflammation.  Things just run "smoother" and feel better with collagen in my diet!

Are you taking collagen while pregnant?

YES!  The biggest reasons I've heard from doctors/OBGYNs for not recommending collagen are because they simply don't know what it is, or don't have enough information.  So they say to avoid it.

Based on my own research, I am very pro-collagen and all of its benefits.  It's a powerful supplement with so many positive effects on the body, and even MORE important when growing a human!

Collagen is so supportive of healthy skin, so I'm excited to see the effect it has on stretch marks (I've heard great reviews on this topic from other bloggers/collagen connoisseurs!)  Hormonal acne is also very much a thing for me during this pregnancy- mostly on my back & upper arms.  And I can only imagine that the collagen is helping speed up that healing process more quickly & reducing any scarring!

Another huge benefit of collagen consumption is its support for muscle and joint health.  Two very important things when your body is growing and changing, and training to give birth!  And I can only imagine that the benefits would be equally positive for a new growing baby inside.

Of course, talk to your own doctor- do your own research- and make your own decision!  But I'm team collagen for pregnancy.

What's the difference between the Vital Proteins collagen products, and which would you recommend?

I recommend different collagen products for different uses- let's do a quick overview!  (PS there are a couple more categories offered by Vital Proteins than what's listed here, but these are the ones I have experience with.)

Collagen Peptides
This is the blue canister that you see almost everywhere.  I love these as a go-to if you don't know where to start, and don't know what you'll be mixing it into most often.  There's just one ingredient:  bovine hide collagen peptides.  Tons of protein, flavorless, dissolves into hot/cold liquids, sauces, soups, shakes, smoothies- whatever!  Find more on this product HERE.

The peptides also come in flavored versions- which I absolutely love!  You can choose from Dark Chocolate & Raspberry, Mixed Berry, and Vanilla (which is my favorite).  The #1 ingredient in these is still collagen, but they have additional ingredients for flavor (like vanilla bean) and are still Whole30 compliant!

The Vanilla is my favorite for mixing into coffee and smoothies, and does magic in baked goods.  For example:  these Banana Nut Blender Muffins with Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Frosting (made with the collagen!)

Collagen Creamer
The creamers do have collagen added in, so that you're getting the benefits- but the first ingredient is coconut milk powder (a great source of healthy fat).  I love this for mixing into coffee.  It adds creaminess, but I most of all love the flavor.

The vanilla option has vanilla bean powder in it, which tastes amazing in hot or iced coffees!  I would recommend the collagen creamer if you want a balance of fat and protein, and are looking to add flavor & creamy texture to your drinks.  Find more on this product HERE.

Beauty Waters
The beauty waters come in canisters or single-serving packets (which I love for on-the-go!)  They have collagen in them, but also contain fruit powders, probiotics, and hyaluronic acid:  all geared towards healthy, glowing skin (among the other benefits of collagen!)

My favorite use for these is adding to my water for flavor and quick collagen when I'm out and about.  The Strawberry Lemon packets are perfect for by the pool, and I've loved them this week in Disneyland!  Find more on this product HERE.

Like I mentioned, my favorite way to use collagen is in my drinks:  primarily coffee, and often smoothies too!

I love the flavor it adds, and it turns my coffee into a vessel for some powerhouse nutrients- giving it "purpose" if you will!  So even though I've switched to organic decaf for pregnancy, I'm still drinking it often as a way to get my collagen and healthy fats in!  (But of course you could also do tea!)

Speaking of healthy fats- now I'll show you how I add collagen to my iced coffee (because it mixes into cold liquids!) AND make it bulletproof.

Hope you enjoy!

  • 8 oz strong brewed coffee, chilled (you can also use a cold brew)
  • 4 oz coconut milk
  • 1 Tbsp coconut butter
  • 1 tsp maple syrup*
  • 1 tsp MCT oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla ghee
  • 1 scoop of collagen*
  • handful of ice

  1. Add all of the ingredients to a blender. 
  2. Blend on the highest setting for 30 seconds, or until smooth.


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This looks wonderful! Just ordered the ghee and Vital Proteins creamer. One quick question, do you use canned coconut milk or the refrigerated coconut milk?

PS: I am loving your guest posts on the While 30 Instagram!