Savory Vegetable Cauliflower Rice | PALEO, Whole30

It's that "back to school" time of year, and it is seriously kicking my butt.  Each night I set my alarms for the next day, thinking, "Tomorrow I'll work out before work.  I might be a little tired, but it will be great to just get it done early.  I'll feel so productive & energized all day!"

Fast forward to the next morning, several hours and ten snoozed alarms later:  and there's me, jumping out of bed with just enough time to get ready & run out the door.
Back to school, why you gotta be so hard?

One of my saving graces has been skipping meals.  I know, you're thinking I must have a problem.  But it's actually intentional meal skipping- AKA intermittent fasting.  It's weird to me how naturally fasting has fit into my routine, but after researching all of the benefits, I'm not mad about it!

I filmed a What I Eat video that's up on my YouTube channel, showing you what this looked like for me over summer!

Now that I'm back to work full time, my daily routine has changed a bit.  I make a bulletproof coffee in the morning that I sip on throughout the work day.  I drink plenty of water, pee all the time, and am honestly so much more productive.  I can work right through lunch, or take the hour to run some errands, and don't have to worry about packing food the night before.  By the time I get home, I'm ready for a solid snack before I hit any sort of workout.  Then it's dinner time, and I go big.  I eat a super hearty meal and focus on hitting all of the food groups and getting in plenty of fats, a good amount of protein, and some nutrient-dense veggies for my source of carbs.

Dinner has been easy with our ButcherBox meats always on deck in the freezer (link here for $10 off + free bacon!)

Pizza Frittata | PALEO, Whole30

One of the many things I love about blogging is the fact that I can reach you guys from just about anywhere (as long as I've got a WiFi connection!)  And today that somewhere is Disneyland!  I'm here with my mom and younger brother, since it's become sort of a tradition to take a trip "just the three of us" before back to school/work time.

Now although it's the land of churros, ice cream treats, and corn dogs... I'm still managing to eat pretty clean.  There are actually a ton of healthy options, especially at the sit-down restaurants.  But with the number of "steps" we get in trekking it back & forth between Disneyland and California Adventure... I wouldn't feel too bad if a corn dog or Dole whip snuck onto the menu!

Slow Cooker Asian BBQ Meatballs | PALEO, Whole30

I haven't shared much about my health/weight loss journey and how I found a Paleo diet.  It was a long road to where I am now, but the Paleo part started for me about 5 years ago when I met Dathan.  He showed me by example that you could be healthy, strong, and thriving on a super simple diet free of dairy and grains.  I jumped on board the Paleo train, thinking maybe it would be a "fad" for me... and here I am 5 years later, still going strong!

Over the years, I've come up with so many Paleo-fied recipes to replace the comfort food favorites I once splurged on.  But one realm I haven't quite conquered is the party food snack table... because I'll still 100% go to town on some chips & salsa if they're sitting in front of me at a gathering.