Asian Lettuce Wrap Filling | Paleo, Whole30

I may be alone in this, but... eating things with my hands (unless those things are fries) seriously stresses me out.  I'm talking sandwiches, tacos, wraps, etc.  Anyone else?

Fillings dripping out, taking a bite & watching stuff fall out the other end (not to mention just having to put my hands all over my food)?  No.  Way too many variables when all I want is to chow down on some delicious eats when I'm hungry and just want to get the food in my belly.

Everything Aioli | Paleo, Whole30

The secret to avoiding food boredom when eating paleo or on a Whole30?  Hands down:  sauces, dips, spreads, condiments... you get the gist.  Anything that turns a basic roasted veggie or grilled protein into something delicious that you will crave!

I use each with moderation, of course, but still find that even the lightest drizzle of a flavorful sauce can add SO much "oomph" to any simple meal.  

Balsamic Roasted Rainbow Carrots | Paleo, Whole30

Like many, my motivation for things comes and goes over time:  exercise, eating squeaky clean, waking up early, drinking plenty of water.  They're all things I wish were second nature & just happened.  Because if they did, life would be so easy, right?  The stars would align, and I would walk around feeling perfectly fit, rested, and hydrated all the time.

But as I'm sure y'all know there's this thing called life.  And it's unpredictable.  You've got to roll with whatever it throws at you - good times, bad times, super busy times, late nights at work and early morning meetings... and what goes to the wayside?  Probably your extra 16 oz of water intake, or those 2 more hours of sleep your body really needs.  For me?  It always (unfortunately) seems to be my exercise routine, or some type of meal prep that should get done.  

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Review

3 Free Meals - Sun Basket

If you're anything like me, you've been bombarded with meal delivery talk lately.  They seem to be everywhere:  commercials on TV, friends posting their discount links on Facebook...  Have you gotten one of the coupon flyers in the mail, too?  Where they come with a gift card glued on that you feel wrong throwing away?  I've stuck at least a few of those in a kitchen drawer, telling myself I'd eventually check it out or pass on to a friend...

And if you're really like me (as of about a month ago), you still haven't tried out any of the services.  Because what's the big deal anyway?  I kept wondering how good of a deal it was, whether or not the food would spoil as it sat on our porch waiting for us to get home from work, and why I would pay to get low-quality meats and produce that probably wouldn't lend themselves to a grain & dairy free meal anyways.  The Paleo struggle, right?

3 Free Meals - Sun Basket