Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Blondie Bars (Paleo)

Some days I have a lot on my mind & an endless to-do list, and a "food is fuel" mentality.  I prep breakfast & lunch, make a simple, nutritious dinner, and do minimal snacking.  I drink a lot of water & take all of my supplements.  

Other days, I think about food.  All.  Day.  Long.  

"How long ago was breakfast?  It feels like hours ago, I'm starving."  
"Is 10:30 too early to eat my packed lunch?"
"Okay, I'm all out of food.  Gotta go home now."
"This whole bag of plantain chips is basically just one serving, right?"  etc., etc.

Simple Egg Soufflé | Paleo, Whole30

Most mornings, I like my breakfast prepped, easy, and in my stomach in 10 minutes or less (closer to 5 minutes, actually).  Other mornings, I'll spend an hour whisking & mixing & waiting for puffed up golden brown perfection...  Anyone else?

Fruit & Nut Bites: Apricot Macadamia

Apricots grow really well in my home town, which means they're always easy to find.  That also means I'm very picky about them!

I like more of a sweet/tart-flavored apricot (Blenheim is my favorite), while I know some prefer the all-sweet variety.  Whichever kind floats your boat, you've got to try them like this.  Combined with roasted, salted macadamias, sweet coconut, and creamy coconut oil, they taste like little bites of sunshine.  

Creamy Cajun Chicken "Pasta" | Whole30

Some of my favorite Sundays are for dreaming up new recipes, binge-watching Pretty Little Liars educational shows on Netflix, and getting out of my pj's around noon to get in some sort of movement for the day.

Luckily, my TV is close is enough to my kitchen- and I was able to keep up with my show while turning this "Creamy Cajun Chicken" deliciousness into a reality!