Friday Five: Paleo Side Dishes

Forget about the rice, pasta, bread, quinoa, etc... These sides are filling, delicious, and simple to prepare.  Not to mention amazing for you!

If you're one of those who likes to go for some type of meat for dinner (like my Perfect Pork ChopsSmoky-Sweet Grilled Chicken, or Classic Paleo Meatloaf) served up with a couple of sides, these dishes are the perfect solution to keep dinner exciting.

Let me know if you've tried any, and which are your favorites!

These are the #1 recipe on my blog, by far!  Some say they taste like a giant tater tot.  All agree that they are delicious!

Easy, easy, easy.  & Goes perfect with any dish!

Broccoli Apple Slaw
This has become a major go-to for me.  I love it with grass-fed hotdogs!

I often use frozen vegetables for this recipe, which makes it even more convenient!

I absolutely love these sweet potatoes.  The are perfectly sweetened & topped with pecans.  Worth a little extra work if you've got the time!
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