What I Ate: Healthy on the Go

I know it can be hard to make healthy food choices. I also know that busy schedules and lack of time make it even harder. Believe me- the last thing I want to do when I get home at 10 pm is prepare breakfast, lunch, & dinner for the next day. But, guess what? I've been doing it! & I know you can too! That extra bit of time at the end of the day is SO worth it. I know I wouldn't have the stamina to make it through such a long & active day if I didn't fuel my body with all of the good things it needs.

Here are some random snapshots of my healthy to-go food recently, to give you guys some ideas of "what to pack". Let me know if this is helpful~ If so, I would be happy to do more of these posts & turn it into a "What I Ate" series! :)

Breakfast: (that I ate in the car; I know...): Two Italian Style Omelet Muffins with hot sauce & some pre-cut organic fruit from Costco

Lunch: Ham slices, broccoli, snap peas, & carrots (Costco veggie tray), & a sliced Pink Lady apple with homemade almond butter.
Snacks: Blueberry Muffin Larabar, TJ's Organic Beef Jerky
Dinner: Kale salad with tri-tip, red peppers, & avocado

Lunch: Smoked Salmon Salad with Avocado & a Pink Lady apple
Snacks: Blueberry Muffin Larabar, Mary's Gone Crackers (original), broccoli, snap peas, & carrots
+ a coconut water! 

Lunch: Leftover Butternut Squash Soup
Snacks: Broccoli, snap peas, & carrots, a Pink Lady apple, & a hard-boiled egg (+ beef jerky just in case)
Dinner: Spinach salad with rotisserie chicken, balsamic drizzle, & walnuts

I also made this spicy cucumber salad based on an awesome recipe from my boyfriend's brother & sister-in-law who prepared this for us once when we were visiting. It's spicy & refreshing, and I love it! One of my bosses at work gave me two giant cucumbers from her garden, so this is how I used them up. I ate this as a side dish for dinner one night, then mixed it with chicken & greens for a mexican-style salad for lunch the following day. :) 

Last up, just a little advice:

  • Pack in advance. Prepare food for the next day as soon as you get home; before you get into "wind-down" mode/lose motivation. I like to turn on some music, a TV show, or a YouTube video & unwind as I cook.
  • Be efficient. Double up whatever you make for dinner & bring some for lunch the next day. For example, if you're having turkey burgers for dinner, make an extra patty & toss it on some greens for a lunch salad the next day. 
  • Cut corners. I cheat & buy easy foods where some of the prep is already taken care of. I love Costco's fruit bowls & veggie trays for breakfast & easy snacking. Rotisserie chickens & sliced deli meats are great too.

I would love to hear healthy eating tips from you guys as well! Comment & share :) I would love to learn from you all.

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