What I Bought: Target Shoes!

I could spend hours in Target... clothes, makeup, food, candles, home decor, cleaning products... They just have such a fun selection of quality items that I find it hard to resist. On my latest trip to Target, I found shoes! 

Target shoes have always been either a huge hit or a big miss for me. I've bought pairs that were so uncomfortable & impossible to break in, while others (often from the same brand!) have just been perfect. This time was a huge hit :) 

I love flats. They're perfect for every season & can pair with so many outfits. You can dress them up with work pants, down with jeans... Either way, they're so cute & stylish; I just can't get enough. I found the "Ona" ballet flats by Mossimo in two colors... The "Leopard" shown in the picture, & the "Wine" you can check out at the Target website (click here).

Best part? ... They are two pairs for $30! & They have a ton of different colors to fit your style, so be sure to check them out while the sale is still going! 

While I was out, I picked up a new Band-Aid Friction Block Stick, the best thing ever for breaking in new shoes. It's like a mini roll-up deodorant stick that you apply anywhere your shoes might rub (I usually do my heels & tops of my feet). To break in a new pair of shoes, I use mine at the beginning of the day (just to be safe). Then, I reapply any time throughout the day where I feel like my shoes are rubbing. Works like a charm~ & no more blisters! :) 

I have recommended this little guy to SO many people, and they all have loved it. So I promise, it really works! You've got to try it. But, be warned, this stuff can and WILL melt if left in your car on a 100ºF+ day! I learned this the hard way... So keep it in your purse! ;)

 (Haha, couldn't resist this~ found it on Pinterest! So funny!)
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